Janet and George were very proud of themselves when they purchased their first investment property and with that they became landlords.

“We appointed an agent to find tenants and manage us through the process as we didn’t know how to and didn’t think that we had the skills or time to get the most out of our most important asset.

Our property hummed along for a few years, and we heard very little from the property manager so we believed that no news was good news. Then one day we received a call alerting us that the tenants were moving on, the agents suddenly sprang into action to find new tenants.

We visited one of our open for inspections and saw a line of people trying to get in to view our nest egg which made us very proud once again of our purchase.

With our names scribbled down upon entry we viewed the property, listened to the positive things that people were saying and remembered why we bought this property in the first place and without any royal treatment we left for home. In the following days we had a selection of applicants to choose from and we considered them carefully.

We also completed a quick audit on our professional management costs for both letting and management and we were taken back by how high they were! Considering the tenant demand that we had just seen first-hand for our property, and the knowledge that we had received very few calls about maintenance or repairs we thought there’s got to be a better way.

After researching our options we decided that we were ready to start managing our own investment property. However, we knew that we would need some support so we decided to sign up as OurWalls members.

We then proceeded to choose our tenants and jumped straight into managing our investment without the unnecessary fees of having someone else do this for us. Our tenants reach out whenever they need something done via the Ourwalls platform and we can respond straight away. We are now considering improvements to the property, suggested by the tenants, that should increase it’s value over time.

We are in touch with our property and know our prized investment is performing to the best of its ability with the OurWalls solution supporting us every step of the way.”