Jack and Rose are your typical renters. After leaving home they both lived in several shared houses with friends until they became a couple in their mid-twenties. They then took the plunge and decided to move in to together; over the next 5 years they were forced to move 3 times due to the variabilities of short term leases.

“We wanted a location close to where we grew up surrounded by good amenities and our families and especially somewhere we could start a family of our own. Houses in the area that we were interested in were too expensive to buy. However that was OK with us if we could find the right landlord that would allow us to stay longer term, so we could invest our money in other things than paying down a mortgage.

Seven years ago we got lucky with the property that we live in now and we genuinely call it a home. This is mainly due to the direct line of communication that we have with our landlord. We can raise any questions that we have with him directly, getting quick answers to any maintenance we require but also to our requests for making some of our own improvements.

From the moment our landlord visited us for our first routine 6 monthly inspection he could see that we loved the place and were investing in it ourselves. We feel comfortable that we both value the property mutually as an investor and a home occupant.

We are fair and reasonable people who want to make this place our home for as long as we can with some security for our growing family”.

The OurWalls platform makes it easier for landlords and tenants to easily connect and work together to look after a property.

Our smart messaging service allows landlords to communicate directly with their tenants; all of the key tasks throughout the year like routine property inspections and lease renewals are supported by proactive reminders and the required documentation can be uploaded and accessed in one secure place for future reference.