We’re now FREE and “PoD” of it!

By August 6, 2019 News

At OurWalls we listened to our customers who told us that they don’t mind paying for on-demand for services when they need them…

This is why we have removed our $10 p/m membership & have launched a FREE Plan with “Pay on Demand” or “PoD”

So you will now only pay if & when you need a service!

New members can now join our cloud based platform for FREE and take control of their investment property via a suite of benefits including access lease templates, automated task reminders, document storage, messaging & tenant connect.

A perfect solution for ‘self-managing’ or ‘private’ landlords who want to access everything they need in one secure place.

We bring a compelling alternative to the market for landlords who want to save time & money with the support of our easy-to-use PoD services that include:

  • Insurance via our partnership with CGU
  • Finance via our partnership with MoneyQuest
  • A broad range of Connection Services from gas and electricity to Foxtel via our partnership with MovingHub
  • Property maintenance Extra Services including painting, plumbing & electrical work directly through OurWalls

Our model is a victory for common sense as it results in a win-win situation for all of the people involved, take a fresh look and consider what it could look like having a better property relationship and a happier tenant!

Visit our site at www.ourwalls.com.au to find out more.